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Virtual Simulator

The railway simulator utilises virtual reality to create a precise training tool for multiple purposes: eco‑driving, fixing small mishaps, developing drivers’ skills.

The goal of our project was to prepare a virtual environment depicting a train’s cockpit, simulating natural physics, and train infrastructure. Graphic elements were designed with highest precision to maximise immersion. Additionally, Tomorrow prepared real cockpit elements incorporated within the simulator, in accordance with the control panel of a train produced by the Polish company Newag.

Virtual drivers use a real controller to drive the train. Leap Motion Technology detects the user’s hands and depicts their movements in virtual reality. Thus, we could limit the amount of output controllers and enhance the immersion and emotions of users. The simulator is compatible with the Oculus Rift googles.


Innovative solution enabling deep immersion into an artificially created reality. Photorealistic images simulate physical presence in virtual environments. Thanks to our realisations on different models of VR goggles our clients can take part in wonderful experiences stimulating many of our senses.